Month: August 2014

“Dear Brother (I know you’re comatose, but)…Get Well Super Fast!” the card practically shouted…

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Ok, just know going into this that I am both shamelessly venting and possibly overly dramatic.  While moving forward don’t blame me for your sudden bout of indigestion.  I am feeling angry.  And I am resenting the fact that this anger is focused on the almighty power of one of my all time favorite defense mechanisms: Denial. Denial, by it’s most rudimentary definition is a disbelief in the existence or reality of a thing.  A noun.  Like a massive […]

To My Amazing Gal Pals: If Not Now…When?

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   So….?  What now?  Did he text you?  I remember you saying something about his separation being finalized a month or two ago.  That’s really exciting, huh?  Have you been out in public together yet?  It’s been…what? a year now since you’ve begun this little “relationship”?….Oh.  I was hoping you could bring him to a gathering George is having for me.  No worries!  Come alone and plan to stay overnight here at our house.  So you think maybe in the next […]

Honesty…can you handle the truth?

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  “A Few Good Men”. The movie sticks with me all these years as a certain smell, like patchouli oil, might bring back memories of carefree college days for many (given you’re of the middle aged set or a hippie at heart).  A young Tom Cruise plays a lawyer and an inexperienced Lieutenant in the United States Navy.  He was given the unenviable task of prosecuting a case involving a young marine who was killed.  It was considered to be a […]